5. What works do you perform in the field of infrastructure?
  • We evaluate the risk of hazardous objects and prepare plans for the liquidation of accidents.
  • We provide professional consultations on environmental issues;
  • We carry out strategic environmental impact assessment of plans and programs;
  • We prepare waste management plans, project feasibility studies and investment business plans;
  • We prepare tender and contract documents according to requirements of international financial institutions, FIDIC, Law on Public Procurement of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • We prepare projects for pollution prevention and clean-up of polluted territories, plan the monitoring systems, ensuring their installation and implementation;
  • We carry out author and technical maintenance of construction and reconstruction works; we provide services of FIDIC engineer;
  • We carry out complex management of investment projects;
  • We prepare special plans for engineering infrastructure objects;
  • We prepare technical and work projects for waste management, disposal, systems and objects;
  • We prepare detailed plans for waste management facilities.
6. Does UAB “Vilniaus hidroprojektas“ conform to ISO standards?

Conforms to the requirements of ISO standards (ISO 9001:2008/LST EN ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004/LST EN ISO 14001:2005; BS OHSAS 18001:2007/LST 1977:2008).

7. What are the land parcel development and rearrangement projects?

The projects for design and redevelopment of land parcels determine the boundaries of land parcels when designing new land ones by changing the boundaries of adjacent parcels, dividing or joining them.

The project is a document of land management planning; it is assigned to the land holding projects. Project solutions cannot contradict the solutions of complex or special territorial planning documents, laws and other legal acts, including the requirements for territorial planning and building technical regulations.

8. When are the projects for the development and rearrangement of land parcels needed?

These projects are needed when:

  • there is a need to divide the land parcels into more parcels;
  • there is a need to mark off one or more parts of the land parcel owned by the owners under the common ownership;
  • there is a need to join two or more land parcels into one parcel;
  • land parcels are being formed for the operation of existing structures according to their direct use;
  • state land parcels are being formed for the operation of existing communications, squares and other public spaces, cemeteries, beaches, parks, squares and other greenery, sites for cultural heritage ;
  • when changing the main purpose of the land and/or the use of the land parcel.
9. Who can be the initiator of land parcel development and rearrangement projects?
  • If a private land parcel is being formed or redeveloped – the owner of a private land;
  • If a state land parcel is being formed or redeveloped – the head of the National Land Service or his authorized territorial subdivision manager;
  • If a land parcel owned by a municipality is being formed or redeveloped – the director of the municipality administration authorized by the municipality council.
10. What documents are needed for drawing up the land parcel formation and redevelopment projects?
  • Land parcel plan (if it is formed);
  • Extract from the Real Estate Register (certificate);
  • A permit issued by the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture or the Municipality and the conditions for the preparation of the formation and redevelopment project;
  • Land parcel plan, specifying the parts of the parcel with specific land use requirements (if different methods for the land parcel use are requested for individual parts of the land parcel).