Engineering geological research is carried out for the construction of the buildings of different purposes and for the reconstruction of buildings. Engineering geological research is an integral part of the design and construction of the foundation. In engineering geological research, various natural and anthropogenic processes and phenomena that can affect the stability of buildings are determined.

Engineering – geological drilling is carried out using a mechanic-hydraulic drilling device „Comacchio GEO 305“. This is a crawler hydraulic drilling machine of universal use with the internal motor.

The equipment is suitable for rotational, screw, impact, D.T.H drilling and the sampling of the prime.

The drilling works are to be carried out using column pipe of 112 mm in diameter, drilling bits of 50 mm in diameter and protective pipes of 150 mm in diameter, ground drills, there are the samples of the primer of disintegrated and full composition to be taken during the works.

Test of the standard penetration: to be carried out using the device „Comacchio GEO 305″. The probing is carried out with the determination of the exact limitations of engineering – geological layers and evaluation of physical mechanical properties of the primers, as well as dependencies of the change of the primer and determination of the properties of the primer in the geological cross section.


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