Designing stages:

  • Execution of constructional engineering, economic and other studies;
  • Pre-project proposals;
  • Project proposals;
  • Technical project;
  • Working project;
  • Supervision of the implementation of the building project.

The specialists of UAB “Vilniaus hidroprojektas” prepare the following:

  • Communication facilities (roads, streets, railways, airport structures, waterway port structures, other transport structures – bridges, viaducts, pedestrian bridges, overhead roads, tunnels, road passes);
  • Engineering networks (oil networks, gas piping networks, water supply networks, heating networks, sewage networks, electricity networks, communication (telecommunication) networks, other engineering networks);
  • Hydro technical structures ((structures and equipment for the use of water resources and protection of the environment from harmful effects of water). Dams, embankments, hydroelectric power plants, derivative power plants, hydro accumulation power plants, pumping stations, water sampling points, quays, docks, piers, moles, water passages, water reservoirs and water preparation structures, settlers, canals and their structures, riverbed structures, shore conservation structures, fishery structures, shipping structures, breakwaters, offshore oil and gas extraction structures, aqueducts, culverts, groin dikes, polders, fish passes, land reclamation structures for the use of water resources and protection of the environment from the impact of harmful water, other engineering structures corresponding to the characteristics of hydraulic structures);
  • Other engineering structures (engineering objects for sports purposes, civil engineering structures for other purposes – forts, bunkers, shooting-ranges, technical observation towers, landfills, industrial structures using renewable energy resources (wind power plants, solar energy power plants, solar thermal collectors, etc.), transporter galleries, platforms, waste water treatment plants and other engineering structures that do not have explicit functional dependence or defined use that serve the main object.


  • While working we focus on the needs of the customer and the tasks entrusted to the customer, helping our customers make the best decision;
  • We provide all engineering services - from feasibility studies to management of an investment project;
  • The company employs professional specialists;
  • We actively cooperate with Lithuanian and foreign companies;
  • While working we rely on our long-time experience.

We are ready to help you!